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The Eight Skills Vital For A Good Manager

It’s said that people don’t leave companies.  They leave bad managers.  If you want to recruit and retain the best employees, you need to have great managers.  They need the leadership skills to motivate and inspire teams to maximise performance.

Here are the common traits all great managers demonstrate:

R E A D   M O R E

The Eight Skills Vital For An Effective Manager

  • 1

    They Can Sell The Vision

    Great managers provide a clear strategy for their teams.  Not only can they articulate the goals, but they can also explain the “why” behind them.  They are driven to succeed and know their success depends on others. 

    Great managers and leaders are persuasive and can rally people behind a common mission.  They present ideas with enthusiasm and conviction and work hard to get buy-in from the team.

  • 2

    They Show A Genuine Concern For Employees

    They show a human touch in dealing with people.  They demonstrate genuine concern for employees in a variety of ways.  Not only do they help provide training and guidance for career advancement, but they also look for ways to recognise individual and team contributions.  They also understand that life sometimes intrudes on work and make allowances when they can.

    They show appreciation for their team and take the time to recognise and celebrate accomplishments.

  • 3

    They Are Strong Communicators

    Great managers are great communicators.  While they may not always make popular decisions, they take the time to listen to other viewpoints and gather information and then explain their decisions.  They know it is not about simply telling people what to do, but explaining it in a way so the truly understand the reason behind the decision.

  • 4

    They Are Outcome Oriented

    They never lose sight of the end goal.  While they are compassionate and respectful, they know that their job is to move the company forward.  Nice guys can finish first, but only if they get the job done.

    They work hard, and they work fast.  They empower their teams and avoid micromanaging.  Great managers focus on vision and goals while letting employees focus on execution.  They understand it’s more about getting others to understand the reason behind those goals so they can make independent decisions to support it.

  • 5

    They Train, Teach And Coach Constantly

    Emerging leaders in your organisation need leadership coaching and leadership training.  The best managers can identify emerging leaders and provide them with growth opportunities.  Training alone, however, is not enough.  Employees need the right tools and framework to initiate change.

    Effective management and leadership training must be designed to change behavior.  Great managers not only provide leadership training for employees but establish a framework for change.  They focus not just on the end goals but break down the interim steps it takes to achieve the goals.  They also provide measurement and tracking mechanisms to provide effective management.

    Great managers help their teams develop the skills they need to advance their careers by providing clear expectations and honest performance feedback.  They take the time to tell the team what they need to hear and not what they want to here. 

  • 6

    They Are Willing To Roll Up Their Sleeves And Get To Work

    They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty.  Pitching in and working side-by-side with them makes it easier to ask them to do their jobs.

    Managers need a grasp of technical skills to do the job.  While they don’t need to know every detail or nuance of every job, they understand what it takes to get the job done and the things that can interfere with completion.

  • 7

    They Are Strong Decision Makers

    While they have to be able to delegate in order to provide effective management, they don’t delegate key decisions.  The best managers seek input and collaboration but are strong decision makers.  They gather the key data points they need and make quick decisions to set the course.

    They also work to make sure team members have a clear understanding of who and how decisions are made.  Is it a decision that they are empowered to make, that they can make with my input, that I will make with their input, or that I will make alone?

  • 8

    They Realise Culture Is Everything

    We spend way too much of our lives at work.  It needs to be about more than just getting a paycheck.  Teams need to believe their work is doing good and not just making money for someone else.

    They create a climate of trust.  When employees know their manager will support them even when they make mistakes, employers are more loyal and willing to work harder.  Conversely, employees are less willing to take risks when they are worried about the consequences.  When things don’t go according to plan, strong managers take responsibility.  While they hold employees accountable, they take personal responsibility when things go wrong.

    If you can get people to buy into the company culture, and stay true to it even in tough times, you can create tremendous loyalty.  It makes for happier and more productive employees.  It cuts down on turnover.  It weeds out those that don’t buy in.

    When everybody understands what drives success and their role in that success, they are more engaged. Great managers know that culture really is everything.

A Rare Breed

Great managers are a rare breed.  They must be honest and empathetic.  They must be emotionally intelligent.  They must be passionate.   They must be strong decision makers and they must be willing to do the hard work others won’t do.  They must inspire and lead.  They know how to get the best out of their teams.

While many of these traits may be innate, they can (and must) be developed over time, especially for emerging leaders.  They need mentoring and nurturing.  They need leadership training and leadership coaching to grow.

It is our job to provide them with the tools they need to be successful. 



Giles Hurst

CEO at The Tax Institute

The impact Elevate Corporate Training made is already being felt as people begin their individual journeys in the giving and receiving of feedback to one another.

Cam was an outstanding facilitator who, with the appropriate blend of humility and personal courage, has set us all on a course towards self awareness.

Thanks Cam - looking forward to working with you going forward.

Felicity Barlow

Felicity Barlow

Director at Talent Connect Australia PTY LTD

I engaged (Elevate Corporate Training) to run sales training for my team. The results exceeded my expectation and my team left being highly motivated with key skills to achieve their individual goals and targets .

Cam has been instrumental in developing consultants sales ability to contribute to overall growth. I would highly recommend Elevate Corporate Training.

Andrew Hanson

Andrew Hanson

Managing Director - NSW of Robert Walters

I engaged Elevate to construct and run a two day training course for my management team across NSW. Cam and Julia worked well together to deliver a significant amount of material over the two days in an engaging manner. I received exceptionally positive feedback from the delegates who found Cam very engaging and passionate on the subject matter. Most importantly, having surveyed the managers who attended the course, many have managed to positive influence their teams by applying the methodologies trained over the two days'

Sarah Laird

Sarah Laird

Founder/Owner at Sarah Laird & Good Company

Cam has been my coach for a little over 6 months now. He has helped me make decisions more clearly, kept me on track of my end goals and been a great resource for me to help see the forest for the trees. I always look forward to my sessions with Cam, aside from being a professional and intelligent business person he also has a great energy and is fun to be around.


The Best Leadership Training Plan


Our trainers have been leaders in their industries for more than 30 years. We know where poor managers fall over and where effective managers shine. We make sure yours will shine.


We pride ourselves on the ability to instil a cultural shift within your business. A culture of open communication, of giving and receiving feedback will change the way your business operates.


Our trainers are the owners of the business, meaning they are 100% committed to you as clients and the results you see from the training. Our customer service reflects that.


We don’t just improve the skills of mangers who have been leading for years. We want to target your emerging talent, those earmarked to be managers, and make sure they hit the ground running.


One of the benefits of leadership training with Elevate is that nothing is off the shelf. Our workshops will be designed specifically for your business and your leaders. This is not a one-size fits all operation. 


This may sound a bit fluffy for the hardcore business world but it does wonders for your bottom line. We will train managers to empower their teams. Happy workers earn you the big dollars and watch staff retention go through the roof.  

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Our Leadership Training Services

Our leadership training teaches managers how to empower their teams.

Help your emerging talent become exceptional leaders as they learn to motivate through communication and cultural change.

When do you need Leadership Training in your business?

When your business is suffering a crisis of communication, or more accurately a lack thereof

When your newly promoted managers are suffering under the weight of their new roles

When you have earmarked emerging talent in your ranks and want to make sure they are ready to become exceptional managers right away

R E A D   M O R E

  • Re-aligning Leadership Skills

    These are the key issues we address during leadership training, the results of which will transform your business with an empowered workforce and improved team function.

    So often businesses fail to reach their full potential, revenues start falling and workplaces become toxic. Much of this can stem from the relationship mangers have with their teams.

  • Management Essentials

    So often it is assumed someone will make a good leader because they excelled in a previous operational role. Often that is not the case.

    We want your emerging leaders, the rising stars you have earmarked to manage, to be on the front foot as soon as they assume the extra responsibility.

    Management effectiveness is not all intuition and natural authority, much of it has to be learned so we focus on aspects of leaderships such as developing a team vision, difficult conversations, assertive communication techniques and motivational drivers.

  • Communication Is Key

    When team relationships are faltering, when there is a distinct lack of communication between leaders and their teams targets are rarely hit and staff turnover is high.

    Our leadership training courses aim to develop a far more harmonious workplace by teaching managers how to get the best out of their team.

    This is not micro-managing and this is not about managers sitting down and telling their team what to do. It is about once again opening those lines of communication, developing trust and respect and once again setting your teams in motion. 

  • The Importance of Feedback

    We believe that developing a culture of feedback is one of the greatest tools we can offer any business, and it is at the core of much of our training.

    We believe a team who regularly and openly seek out feedback from one another will see a huge boost in performance. Not only that but respect and deeper, more meaningful relationships will develop between managers and their teams.

    This is part of a serious cultural shift we can train your managers to bring on board within your organisation.

  • Time Management

    A manager under stress manages poorly. 

    We provide a framework for leaders to manage their workflow in a manner that alleviates any real time stress they may have.

    When managers feel they have come up for air, that they have time to work through their tasks the atmosphere of an office changes and they lead their teams more effectively.

  • Uniquely Yours

    Every business is different, we get that. It is part of what sets Elevate apart when it comes to their leadership training courses.

    We take a deep look at your business and in consultation with yourselves we cater a unique set of workshops aimed at the areas of most need.

    This targeted training increases the effectiveness of what is learned, providing real ROI in a short period of time.

    So get in touch with us to find out how we can create superior leaders in your business today.

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