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What makes a salesperson successful?

Sales rarely happen without a plan. The best salespeople know this. They know they need to have a defined strategy, set goals, and prepare in advance. They know they need to embrace learning, sales training, and practice. They know when it is time to cut their losses and how to manage customer expectations.

Here's the 12 reasons top salespeople are successful.

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12 Reasons Top Salespeople Are Successful

Sales rarely happen without a plan. The best salespeople know this. They know they need to have a defined strategy, set goals, and prepare in advance. They know they need to embrace learning, sales training, and practice. They know when it is time to cut their losses and how to manage customer expectations.

  • 1

    They Have a Defined Strategy

    Set goals and determine what it takes to reach them.  Then, do it relentlessly.  It sounds like such a simple thing, but few salespeople actually do it.   The best of the best set their own personal goals to achieve the results they want.  Most top performers have goals that far exceed what the company expects them to accomplish.

    The days of answering the phone and taking orders are over (if it ever really was a thing).   It takes a strategic plan and the discipline to execute it.

    The top-performing salespeople break down the steps it takes to accomplish their personal goals and they discipline themselves to do these things consistently.

  • 2

    Constant Education & Training

    The best sales teams are always learning.  This means actively seeking sales training and sales training courses as well as learning about the industries for which they provide service.

    Every industry is evolving and changing.  The best salespeople learn about their clients’ business needs so they can propose solutions to their customers' problems.

  • 3

    They Ask Probing Questions

    Asking the right questions to uncover pain points can help craft custom solutions.  Top performing salespeople are not just pushing products; they are taking the time to ask probing questions to get at the heart of the matter and then offering ways to ease the pain.   They know that nobody wants to buy the product or service they are selling.  What they want it to solve their problems or enhance their business. 

  • 4

    They Focus On Benefits, Not Features

    There’s an old joke that goes like this:  The optimist will tell you the glass is half full.  The pessimist will tell you the glass is half empty.  The sales person will tell you about the benefits of ice.

    The best salespeople focus on what their product or service can do for the customers.  Apple’s marketing team knew this when they rolled out the iPod.  As a feature, it could hold 1 GB of storage for MP3 files, but that was never going to sell their music storage device.  The benefit is what sold it:  The ability to 1,000 songs in your pocket.

  • 5

    They Are True Believers

    The best salespeople believe strongly in the product or service they are selling.  They know it works and can cite specific evidence of how it worked for others.

  • 6

    They Never Lie

    Your reputation is everything.  A lifetime of work can be ruined by one lie or misleading statement.  The top salespeople know they must always tell the truth even if it exposes flaws in the product or service.

  • 7

    They Prepare And Practice

    NFL teams practice for six days to play a game that lasts less than four hours.  The best sales teams actively prepare and practice.  This means they embrace sales training, sales training courses, and continuous learning.  They practice what they learn, and they are ready when the bell rings.

    They prepare ahead of time for objections and craft effective responses.

  • 8

    They Understand The Sales Funnel

    Pushing prospects too hard too early in the sales process can drive potential customers away.  The top sellers learn where buyers are in the sales process and adjust their approach.  Knowing whether they are in the Awareness, Interest, Desire, or Action phase (AIDA Sales Funnel) allows them to provide the right information at the right time.

  • 9

    Tailor Their Presentation To The Audience

    There’s an adage that says: “It is not what I say.  It is what people hear.”  The top sales teams learn how people make decisions and tailor their presentation to their audience.

    Some people make decisions based on facts and figures.  Others make decisions based on emotions.  Other make decisions based on relationships.  Picking the right presentation can make all the difference.

  • 10

    They Don’t Waste Their Customer's Time (Or Their Own Time)

    They know that before people will buy from them, they have to build trust.  That means taking the time to build a relationship.  However, they also know not to waste your prospects time or their own time.  The best salespeople balance social niceties with a business purpose for every call, email, or visit.

    Sometimes the effort you have to put into selling or servicing a customer outweighs the benefits a sales person gets.  They know when it’s time to fire a customer. They also understand there comes a time when it is OK to say no.

  • 11

    They Excel At Qualifying Prospects

    You might say the top performers are great time managers.  They know that it’s better to make a handful of presentations to qualified decision makers than knock on hundreds (or thousands) of doors.  The best pre-qualify prospects before committing to making an approach.

  • 12

    They Manage Expectations

    Even the best sales can get derailed when the customer has a different idea of what constitutes success than the sales person.  The best salespeople guide customers to expect optimistic, but realistic results. 

    Because they want long-term relationships and repeat business, they know that a product or service only works when it produces the results the customer wants.  If it does not work for the customer, it simply does not matter how cheaply they can buy it.

The Game Isn't Won On The Field

For the best of the best, they know that the game is not won on the field.  It is the work they put into preparing for the game that makes the difference.  Knowing what to ask, what to say, and what to do before they have to do it in front of a prospect increases closing rates.

A strategic sales plan that includes continuous learning, sales training, and sales training courses is the framework successful salespeople employ to be at the top of their game.



Giles Hurst

CEO at The Tax Institute

The impact Elevate Corporate Training made is already being felt as people begin their individual journeys in the giving and receiving of feedback to one another.

Cam was an outstanding facilitator who, with the appropriate blend of humility and personal courage, has set us all on a course towards self awareness.

Thanks Cam - looking forward to working with you going forward.

Felicity Barlow

Felicity Barlow

Director at Talent Connect Australia PTY LTD

I engaged (Elevate Corporate Training) to run sales training for my team. The results exceeded my expectation and my team left being highly motivated with key skills to achieve their individual goals and targets .

Cam has been instrumental in developing consultants sales ability to contribute to overall growth. I would highly recommend Elevate Corporate Training.

Andrew Hanson

Andrew Hanson

Managing Director - NSW of Robert Walters

I engaged Elevate to construct and run a two day training course for my management team across NSW. Cam and Julia worked well together to deliver a significant amount of material over the two days in an engaging manner. I received exceptionally positive feedback from the delegates who found Cam very engaging and passionate on the subject matter. Most importantly, having surveyed the managers who attended the course, many have managed to positive influence their teams by applying the methodologies trained over the two days'

Sarah Laird

Sarah Laird

Founder/Owner at Sarah Laird & Good Company

Cam has been my coach for a little over 6 months now. He has helped me make decisions more clearly, kept me on track of my end goals and been a great resource for me to help see the forest for the trees. I always look forward to my sessions with Cam, aside from being a professional and intelligent business person he also has a great energy and is fun to be around.


The Best Sales Training Plan


We have more than 30 years experience in sales, we know the ins and the outs of the business. Our training methods are not just theoretical workshops, they are based solely on authentic, real life experience.


Our very own five point training methodology guarantees that what is learnt will stick in the mind of all delegates: Discovery, Design, Workshops, Coaching, Proving ROI


We cater our training uniquely to your business and where there is the greatest need. Nothing is off the shelf when it comes to developing workshops that will empower your sales teams


We ensure your team moves away from transactional relationships and begins building partnerships with clients by encouraging them to become subject matter experts in their fields


Our trainers are the actual owners of the business, meaning they have 100% commitment to the result and measuring performance change and their customer service reflects that


We have our own evolutionary sales training methods but that does not mean we forget about the basics. We also ensure your teams have a depth of knowledge in the very fundamentals of successful selling

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Our Sales Training Services

At Elevate Corporate Training we are proud of our results and take great joy in watching the success of our clients.

Our Sales Training is designed to alter the behaviour of your sales team through the development of open communication, cultural change and accountability. They are learnings that will stay with your team for the rest of their careers.

Our Unique Methodology

This is our methodology for Sales Training and we know it works. From our first consultation until our final coaching session this is where change occurs and results are seen

R E A D   M O R E


The Best Sales Training Plan


We don’t just speak to managers ahead of the course. We make a point to understand what the delegates undertaking the training think they need to learn.


Based on what managers and their staff tell us they need to learn we custom build sales training modules designed for your company and its unique set of issues.


Hands on, practical workshops that end with every participant filling out an action plan, a list of actions each delegate commits to undertaking that will be revisited in two weeks.


One-on-one sessions with every participant two weeks after the workshop to talk through the actions committed to and undertaken. This ensures each delegate is accountable.


At the conclusion of all workshops and coaching sessions we run a business impact survey with a series of targeted questions that will prove return on investment. You will notice a marked difference.

Relationship Building

One of the key goals in Sales Training is to move your consultants away from transactional relationships and begin building partnerships with clients.

It is about teaching your teams how to become subject matter experts in their fields. This encourages deeper relationships with clients and the success that flows from this will be seen almost immediately in increased revenue.

Strengthening The Basics

There are still some fundamentals of selling that every earner must have in their bones if they are to succeed and we make sure every delegate is across them as well.

The best sales training courses turn your teams into subject matter experts, into better negotiators and more accountable employees but if they lack the basics they are doomed from the start. 

So we can also run your teams through the essence of sales, teaching:

  • Building rapport

  • Uncovering the customer’s needs

  • Matching the solution to needs

  • Closing

  • Objection Handling

But like we said we can design the perfect training outcome for you from our raft of workshops, pinpointing where your team will reap the largest benefits.

Our sales training courses are run in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra but we also travel to anywhere in Australia to help businesses drive real change.

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Sales training can be a bit of a dirty word, often conjuring up images of boiler room antics and ABC (Always be Closing) acronyms. We believe sales training is about developing better relationships with customers. We still need skills like negotiating and creating influence to do this but in today’s world our success as salespeople is defined by the value we can add for our clients.

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