Recruitment Fundamentals Training

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Future Recruiter is a first-class rookie training program designed to help solve the talent shortage in our industry. Our training develops your people into exceptional Consultants, building foundations for the success that will carry them through their recruitment careers.

What’s involved in the Recruitment Fundamentals Training?

  • 2 days of in-person Recruitment Fundamentals training focusing on the recruitment life-cycle from Job Brief through to Post Placement Care.
  • This practical and highly engaging program instils how-to’s & activity levels to achieve targets and goals, ideas-sharing between attendees, and fun ways of implementing new knowledge to create lasting impact.
  • 2 half-days of in-person Sales Training focusing on instilling resilience and know-how from Lead Generation through to Agreeing to Terms of Business.
  • The sales training takes place when you feel your rookie is ready for it, ensuring they are a confident Recruiter who has driven positive outcomes before being tasked with selling your services to others.
  • After the Fundamentals Program, your rookie will join our fortnightly, 6 month Evolve virtual training program for experienced Recruiters, covering advanced topics that will sharpen their influence, negotiation skills and market-share. Find out more here.
  • Elevate Corporate Training have proven success in nurturing rookies into award-winning and top billing Consultants. We know that the right training fundamentals are crucial to embed learning, reduce turnover, and ultimately, allow new Recruiters to gain momentum and success, fast.

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Meet your Training Facilitators

Vanessa Cole
Training Manager

Recruitment Trainer
Leadership Trainer

Vanessa’s previous life as an actor fostered a curiosity about people and what drives them. Vanessa facilitates the team continually sharpening their skills and hone their skills to the next level.

Caroline Soutar
Training Facilitator

Award-winning Consultant
Recruitment Trainer

Using her own experiences in the industry, Caroline creates an interactive environment for clients to provide them with the best possible learning experience.

imogen storie elevate corporate training

Imogen Storie

Co-founder & Director MAYDAY Recruitment

Imogen takes pleasure in enhancing teams’ sales, account management, and recruitment capabilities through interactive materials crafted to inject enthusiasm and enjoyment into the learning experience.

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Customised Workshops to Suit Your Unique Business Needs

Coaching for Performance

Objective: For Managers and Team Leaders to learn how to effectively coach and develop team members. This drives performance and helps motivate and retain employees.

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Coaching is about empowering our staff to create a culture of performance.

Manager and Leader as Coach
How coaching can drive improved performance and results
What is coaching?
The coaching mindset
Uncovering potential
The GROW coaching structure
Mentoring and coaching
Technology and coaching
Feedback, reviews and coaching
Practical coaching exercises and simulations

High Performing Teams

Objective: For recruitment teams to identify what high performance is to them and agree set of goals and a strategy to get there. Focus on improving performance and measuring success.

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Defining High Performance – what do you want to achieve?
What is high performance to this team?
Why teams matter, why we work in teams
The role of culture and its impact on high performance
The team brand – how we are perceived
What this means to us as individuals
What this means to us as individuals
Where are we now? How can we move to the next stage?
Measuring progression from stage to stage
Incorporating the strategy
The importance of role clarity
Candid and constructive communication
Action planning and next steps

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Objective: Developing a culture of feedback is the ultimate gift to any team. A team who openly and regularly seeks out feedback from one another and from external…

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sources enjoys greater performance, respect and deeper, more meaningful relationships that last. We explore the best way to give and receive feedback as well as set goals to help encourage the process.

Why feedback is important
The role of self awareness
Perspective and ego
Receiving feedback
Giving feedback
Giving negative feedback
Practical Exercises

Time and Self Management

Objective: Improving effectiveness and reducing stress associated with running a desk and managing other consultants. This course can be run for new managers but is developed…

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from another course designed for anyone looking to become more effective.

Defining our work
Creating a default diary
Developing a time management system
The role of delegation
Getting in the zone

Resiliency Training

Objective: In this workshop we explore techniques to build resilience. We understand the “why” of what we do and how it helps us to stay the course when times are tough.

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We explore the mindset required to develop hardiness and achieve our collective goals. This course is suitable for anyone who faces challenges in their roles.

What is resilience
Begin with the end in mind
Accepting the past
Developing a sense of purpose
Keeping perspective
Your support network
Resilience case studies

Management Essentials

Objective: To provide the basic essentials required to manage and lead others. This course is specifically targeted at new and upcoming leaders. We focus on how we communicate, motivate and work as a team

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Developing a Team Vision
Difficult Conversations
Assertive Communication Techniques
Motivational Drivers

Building a Robust Culture

Objective: In this workshop we explore what makes a good company culture, how to assess your existing company culture and explore ways to implement a robust, collaborative and inspiring company culture.

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This course is suitable for anyone managing teams and small to medium sized business owners.

Assessing company culture
Defining ideal company culture
Contributing factors
Culture strategies
Implementing a positive culture