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Advanced Sales Training Services

There are sales superstars who have been at the top of the game for years. They don’t want to move into managerial roles, they want to continue selling because it’s in their blood and they are good at it.

They already know the sales essentials because they have been doing it day in, day out for years.  But there is always more to learn.

At Elevate Corporate Training, our Advanced Sales Training will be of benefit for even the strongest, most experienced salespeople in your teams.

The game is changing while what is expected from salespeople is skyrocketing. We are here to refresh their memory, bring a new perspective on the game and make your team think about their roles in new way, all to bring out the very best in them.

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Deepening clients relationships

We think it is vitally important that salespeople understand their client’s personal needs as well as their business needs. The best salespeople are selling not just to the business but to the individual representing that company. We will teach your teams how best to develop those individual relationships.

Long-term strategic planning techniques

It is not just about the next deal. That simple thought will change the way your teams earn. Growing key accounts does not happen overnight, you need to plan how to get from A to B, or Z and we can show your stars how to put long-term strategies in place.

Decision-maker and Influencer mapping

There is never just one person in complete control of sign-off. In every business your teams are dealing with there are multiple levels of influencers and deal makers and we will teach them how to identify them and understand how best to work with them.

Leveraging connections and generating referrals

Referrals, are the gold standard in effective leads for any salesperson. Word of mouth, trust, excellent service. These things make a difference and when clients enjoy working with you they tell people. We teach techniques that will generate more referrals from existing clients and connections.

Building your personal brand

What we can do as sales professionals above and beyond our products and services to strengthen client relationships? Delighting the customer with some small changes to your sales process and post-sales service has a huge impact on earnings.

Building Clear Strategy

It sounds far too obvious and meaningless to say the best salespeople are goal driven but it is at the very core of what creates success in sales. It’s a throwaway comment by everyone, “Yes, of course, I set goals.’ But the best salespeople actually do set goals, and determine what it takes to reach them. And then attack them RELENTLESSLY.

The best of the best also go beyond what their company. Their own goals exceed what is asked of them and they scrape and scrap all the way to the finish line.

So, they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We beg to differ.

Even the most experienced, credentialed and successful salesperson can continue to grow and learn … and earn with Elevate Sales Development.

Our sales training courses are run in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra but we also travel to anywhere in Australia to help businesses drive real change.

Elevate’s Advanced Sales Training Fundamentals

The Best Sales Training Plan


This is for people who know sales, who have been in it for years. So any training needs to come from someone who knows more and has been in the game longer. We have a combined 30 years in sales. We know it back to front.


This isn’t about learning the essentials of sales again, this is about changing the way long-time salespeople view what they do. We want to move them away from transactional relationships and into valued partnerships with clients.


We have a number of different workshops aimed at high-earning salespeople, but not every team needs every part of the training. Based on your needs we custom build the training course that will effect the most real change in your organisation.


Our head trainers are also the business owners meaning they are 100% committed to the results you achieve. That breeds industry-leading customer service. They have been at the top of the sales game in Australia and they understand your business.

What Makes A Salesperson Successful?

Sales rarely happen without a plan. The best salespeople know this. They know they need to have a defined strategy, set goals, and prepare in advance. They know they need to embrace learning, sales training, and practice. They know when it is time to cut their losses and how to manage customer expectations.

Here are the 9 Fundamental Criteria Of Successful Salesperson.

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9 Fundamental Criteria Of a Successful Salesperson

They Are Subject Matter Experts

There is nothing that creates trust between a prospective client and a salesperson faster than the latter’s intimate knowledge of what he is selling. A sale is lost the second a seller is left floundering after a question from the customer.

It makes sense then that any seller worth his salt knows his product and his industry inside out. They need to be able to answer any question thrown at them with authority and facts. Closing rates soar when a salesperson is an expert in his industry.

They Are Partnership Builders

The best salespeople are those that move away from transactional relationships and begin building partnerships with their clients.

The mindset of one faceless sale being the end goal is damaging to revenue anywhere it has taken hold. Top salespeople invest time in their clients, build rapport, and build trust and bonds and that is where not just initial sales come from but repeat sales. With partnerships comes trust. And trust earns revenue.

They Ask The Right Questions

The best salespeople are just pushing products at customers, they are offering solutions to problems. Ultimately that is why a customer looks to buy something, to solve a problem they have.

A good salesperson understands this, a brilliant salesperson knows the right questions to ask and gets to the heart of the issue. They can see where the pain points holding a sale back might be and they craft custom solutions for the prospective client. Asking the right questions paves the way to increased revenue.

They Are Always Learning

In this constantly evolving field where methods of buying are changing, methods of selling are changing if a salesperson stays still he’s dead.

The core basics of selling may hold true forever but top salespeople are always learning. Whether they are undertaking new sales training courses or gaining a deeper understanding of the industry they reside in the best salesperson is always moving, always hungry to keep ahead of the pack.

They Don’t Lie

The best salespeople understand that their reputation is everything. The build their reputation on respect, knowledge, service but most importantly truth.

Once a salesperson is caught in a lie, just once, all that is thrown out the window. And word spreads quickly. That single lie will not only cruel the client it was told to, but will likely see a number of other prospects disappear. A top salesperson tells the truth even if it exposes a service or product’s flaw.

They Have A Clear Strategy

It sounds far too obvious and meaningless to say the best salespeople are goal driven but it is at the very core of what creates success in sales. It’s a throwaway comment by everyone, “Yes, of course, I set goals.’ But the best salespeople actually do set goals, and determine what it takes to reach them. And then attack them RELENTLESSLY.

The best of the best also go beyond what their company. Their own goals exceed what is asked of them and they scrape and scrap all the way to the finish line.

They Know Their Audience

The best sales teams understand their customers, they know how those customers are making their buying decisions and they tailor their presentations based on that knowledge.

Some people make decisions based on emotion, others on figures and others still on relationships built. Tailoring your presentation based on this knowledge can make all the difference.

They Manage Expectations

Top salespeople guide prospects towards optimistic, but always realistic goals.

A sale may fall over if a customer has a different idea of what constitutes success than the salesperson does. And any great seller knows that a product only works when the customer gets what they want, in the fashion they want it. It doesn’t matter how cheaply they can buy it if it doesn’t work for the customer.

So managing those expectations will go a long way to massaging a customer into a position where they are comfortable with the sale.

They Prepare, They Practice

A footy team will practice all week for a match that is over in just a few, fast hours. This is just as important for the top sales teams.

They are constantly honing their skills through sales training courses and other continuous learning. They put these new learnings into practice so when the whistle blows they are ready to perform at their optimum.



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Customised Workshops to Suit Your Unique Business Needs

Essential Sales

Objective: Sales skills matter in the commercial arena more than ever. Sales effectiveness has changed and this workshop builds sales performance ability for the high-achieving professional consultant.

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Developing self-awareness and why this matters
Communication styles and relevance to business
Developing your personal on and offline brand
Using LinkedIn and Social selling
Understanding buyer types
Managing a pipeline
The entrepreneurial mindset
The role of networking and building business
Developing an elevator pitch
Cold calling and Inside sales
Ice-breaking techniques – getting noticed
Effective questioning techniques
The role of rapport
What interests your candidate, what interests your client
Presenting benefits, matching needs
Delivery, pitching, creating value and desire
Recognising buying signals
Gaining advancements and closing techniques
Overcoming objections
Practical exercises and simulations

Negotiation Skills

Objective: Protect the yield! All too often price is used as the most common negotiation tool, at the expense of potential revenue. We aim to build the consultant’s confidence to be able to better negotiate.

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Delegates gain an understanding of what else you can use to negotiate, other than price, and understand how to create additional value.

The difference between sales and negotiation and why it matters
How to create additional value
Developing a negotiation strategy
Introduction to “Non Positional Negotiation”
Understanding the client’s position
Successful negotiation outcomes
How negotiation nurtures a relationship
Practical negotiation exercises

Perfect Pitches

Objective: To improve a consultant’s ability to present. Whether it’s one on one or presenting to a large audience, being able to pitch is arguably the number one skill needed to increase sales.

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Understanding your audience
Creating business presentations
Content, tone and body language
Preparation and practice
Calming nerves

Account Management

Objective: This course focuses on how we can move from transactional relationships with our clients to become a partnership that delivers exceptional value. 

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How can we be seen as thought leaders and trusted advisors in our craft – fixers, whom our clients rely on to do business? Attendees should expect to leave with detailed account plans for at least 2 of their top accounts and the skills to repeat for others. They will improve their communication and persuasion capabilities and learn to deliver more revenue and deeper relationships with existing accounts.

Understanding your client and their business
Defining your market niche
Advanced questioning techniques
Demonstrating thought leadership
Assertive communication
Developing trust to deepen relationships
Closing and next steps
Overcoming objections
Creating account plans

Prospecting and The Social Selling Funnel

Objective: This course is designed to improve a consultant’s ability to generate new business. It is not a shotgun approach but rather a thoughtful and considered strategy with proven results.

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We examine all types of lead generation from digital to referrals, maximising our results vs effort ratios.

Developing a Personal Brand
Where do leads come from?
Generating and nurturing leads
Creating a lead funnel
LinkedIn best practices for lead conversion
Moving prospects offline
Becoming the “go-to” for our market niche

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What is Sales Training?

Sales training can be a bit of a dirty word, often conjuring up images of boiler room antics and ABC (Always be Closing) acronyms. We believe sales training is about developing better relationships with customers. We still need skills like negotiating and creating influence to do this but in today’s world, our success as salespeople is defined by the value we can add for our clients.

Why should my company do Sales Training?

Whether you are interested in increasing sales, reducing staff turnover or improving engagement, running your staff through Elevate Sales Training programs will deliver. Delegates always leave feeling more capable and more confident in their approach to sales.

How long does Sales Training take?

It depends on the requirements. We find out in the “Discover” phase of our methodology where we analyse current competencies and business needs. We try to keep all workshops to a half day so as to not take sales professionals off the floor for too long. Anywhere from one to five workshops may be required.

What skills will my team come away with?

Your team should walk away as relationship ninjas. We teach everything from making a good first impression, cold calling, social selling, deep questioning skills and prospecting to closing, handling objections and negotiating skills.

Are all companies trained in the same way?

Absolutely not! There are common themes required for successful selling but all our programs are tailored to a company’s requirements and capabilities.

What benefits should I expect to see after Sales Training?

More targets hit. Better staff retention. Improved team morale. Beware, training may lead to increased commission payments to your staff!

Is Sales Training just for young, inexperienced sales teams?

Learning is a lifelong journey. We have courses that are designed for beginners right through to the most seasoned sales professionals.

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