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Transforming your managers into inspirational leaders.

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Nat Hortz – Head of Organisational Development, Ray White Group

What an insightful and engaging two days. Vanessa and Vicky were fantastic facilitators, delivering informative yet entertaining content. I would encourage any new leaders (even if you’ve got a few years of experience) to sign up and expand their knowledge and skills in this area.

People don’t leave companies, they leave bad Managers

To create a culture that attracts the right people and retains the best employees, you need great leaders who motivate, inspire and support their teams to maximise performance.

Elevate offers leadership training, that teaches new and emerging leaders to empower their people, through effective management and purposeful communication.

Who should attend Elevate’s Emerging Leadership Training?

Emerging and new leaders ready to build confidence and develop their leadership style

Team Leaders looking to find more balance and measured action in their roles

Managers seeking better communication and outcomes for their team.

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Our Leadership Training Difference

The best leadership training plan


Our trainers have been leaders in their industries for more than 30 years. We know where poor managers fall over and where effective managers shine. We make sure yours will shine.

Cultural Change

We pride ourselves on the ability to instil a cultural shift within your business. A culture of open communication, of giving and receiving feedback will change the way your business operates.

Personal Service

Our trainers are the owners of the business, meaning they are 100% committed to you as clients and the results you see from the training. Our customer service reflects that.

Our Leadership Training Services

Our leadership training teaches managers how to empower their teams. Help your emerging talent become exceptional leaders as they learn to motivate through communication and cultural change.

When is a good time to start Leadership Training in your business?

✔ When communication breaks down in your business, it can lead to a crisis that affects productivity and success.
✔ When your newly promoted managers are suffering under the weight of their new roles

Re-aligning Leadership Skills

These are the key issues we address during leadership training, the results of which will transform your business with an empowered workforce and improved team function.

So often businesses fail to reach their full potential, revenues start falling and workplaces become toxic. Much of this can stem from the relationship managers have with their teams.

Management Essentials

So often it is assumed someone will make a good leader because they excelled in a previous operational role. Often that is not the case.

We want your emerging leaders, the rising stars you have earmarked to manage, to be on the front foot as soon as they assume the extra responsibility.

Management effectiveness is not all intuition and natural authority, much of it has to be learned so we focus on aspects of leadership such as developing a team vision, difficult conversations, assertive communication techniques and motivational drivers.

Communication is key

So often it is assumed someone will make a good leader because they excelled in a previous operational role. Often that is not the case.

We want your emerging leaders, the rising stars you have earmarked to manage, to be on the front foot as soon as they assume the extra responsibility.

Management effectiveness is not all intuition and natural authority, much of it has to be learned so we focus on aspects of leadership such as developing a team vision, difficult conversations, assertive communication techniques and motivational drivers.

The Importance of Feedback

We believe that developing a culture of feedback is one of the greatest tools we can offer any business, and it is at the core of much of our training.

We believe a team who regularly and openly seeks out feedback from one another will see a huge boost in performance. Not only that but respect and deeper, more meaningful relationships will develop between managers and their teams.

This is part of a serious cultural shift we can train your managers to bring on board within your organisation.

Time Management

A manager under stress manages poorly. 

We provide a framework for leaders to manage their workflow in a manner that alleviates any real-time stress they may have.

When managers feel they have come up for air, that they have time to work through their tasks the atmosphere of an office changes and they lead their teams more effectively.

Uniquely Yours

Every business is different, we get that. It is part of what sets Elevate apart when it comes to their leadership training courses.

We take a deep look at your business and in consultation with yourselves, we cater a unique set of workshops aimed at the areas of most need.

This targeted training increases the effectiveness of what is learned, providing real ROI in a short period of time.
So get in touch with us to find out how we can create superior leaders in your business today

Like to know more about how Elevate can help your team generate more revenue?

Amy Hefford – Head of External Affairs, Abbvie

Coaching is a proven subject with well-evidenced research and tools to help advance self-awareness, develop positive frameworks and decipher your destiny so you can go after it and fulfil your potential. This was my mission as I decided to invest a little time in myself and arrange to meet with the Elevate Coaches. What an enriching experience. After just three sessions I am wiser, more determined and more focused on my vision of success…But more than that – I can draw on my own inspiration, internal strength and positive energy to keep me on track. Coaching is definitely a science but with Vicky, it is a whole lot of magic as well.

Customised Workshops to Suit Your Unique Business Needs

Coaching for performance

Objective: For Managers and Team Leaders to learn how to effectively coach and develop team members. This drives performance and helps motivate and retain employees.

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Coaching is about empowering our staff to create a culture of performance.

Manager and Leader as Coach
How coaching can drive improved performance and results
What is coaching?
The coaching mindset
Uncovering potential
The GROW coaching structure
Mentoring and coaching
Technology and coaching
Feedback, reviews and coaching
Practical coaching exercises and simulations
High Performing Teams

Objective: For recruitment teams to identify what high performance is to them and agree set of goals and a strategy to get there. Focus on improving performance and measuring success.

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Defining High Performance – what do you want to achieve?
What is high performance to this team?
Why teams matter, why we work in teams
The role of culture and its impact on high performance
The team brand – how we are perceived
What this means to us as individuals
What this means to us as individuals
Where are we now? How can we move to the next stage?
Measuring progression from stage to stage
Incorporating the strategy
The importance of role clarity
Candid and constructive communication
Action planning and next steps
Giving and Receiving Feedback

Objective: Developing a culture of feedback is the ultimate gift to any team. A team who openly and regularly seeks out feedback from one another and from external…

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sources enjoys greater performance, respect and deeper, more meaningful relationships that last. We explore the best way to give and receive feedback as well as set goals to help encourage the process.

Why feedback is important
The role of self awareness
Perspective and ego
Receiving feedback
Giving feedback
Giving negative feedback
Practical Exercises
Time & Self Management

Objective: Improving effectiveness and reducing stress associated with running a desk and managing other consultants. This course can be run for new managers but is developed…

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from another course designed for anyone looking to become more effective.

Defining our work
Creating a default diary
Developing a time management system
The role of delegation
Getting in the zone
Resilience Training

Objective: In this workshop we explore techniques to build resilience. We understand the “why” of what we do and how it helps us to stay the course when times are tough.

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We explore the mindset required to develop hardiness and achieve our collective goals. This course is suitable for anyone who faces challenges in their roles.

What is resilience
Begin with the end in mind
Accepting the past
Developing a sense of purpose
Keeping perspective
Your support network
Resilience case studies
Management Essentials

Objective: To provide the basic essentials required to manage and lead others. This course is specifically targeted at new and upcoming leaders. We focus on how we communicate, motivate and work as a team

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Developing a Team Vision
Difficult Conversations
Assertive Communication Techniques
Motivational Drivers

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What is Leadership Training?

Leadership Training is about understanding people. We focus on understanding ourselves, understanding others and how we communicate and collaborate. How do we empower our staff and unite our people to achieve outcomes not possible without it.

Why is Leadership Training important?

Our business leaders carry a massive amount of responsibility. They have a responsibility to themselves, their bosses, their reports, their families etc. Too often it is assumed someone will be an excellent leader just because they excelled in their last operational role. But like any skill, leadership needs to be taught. Not training our leaders to lead is the equivalent of not training our forklift drivers to drive a forklift.

Does Leadership Training work?

It’s a process. Life is an ongoing lesson and the more we can do to help that process along, the better we will be equipped to deal with the challenges our roles throw at us. So absolutely, leadership training provides real, tangible benefits.  When past clients have been asked the survey question “Rate the impact of our leadership training” our average impact score at Elevate is above 4 out of 5.

Who should undertake Leadership Training?

Future leaders (those earmarked for future leadership positions) and Emerging leaders those who are new at leadership but already in leader roles. We also cater right up to C Level leaders with our vision and strategy workshops and one-on-one organisational coaching.

What improvements can you expect to see in a manager?

Improved confidence. Better people management and communication skills. Less stress and more motivation.

How will the training affect a manager’s team?

Better team engagement. Improved motivation. Reduced stress. Improved team performance around KPIs. Greater staff retention. Happier people in general.

What will an ROI look like after Leadership Training?

At Elevate we are madly driven by results, but some things are harder to measure than others (although we do address this as a question in our business Impact Surveys). The key impacts on ROI from leadership training come from increased revenue (better performing, more efficient teams) and decreased costs (reduced staff turnover)