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The 7 Secrets to Managing a Full Desk Recruitment Team

Managing a full desk recruitment team starts with getting the right people on your team.  If you get that right, the rest will follow.  If you don’t, it may be impossible to deliver on your objectives. 

The 7 Secrets To Managing A Full Desk Recruitment Team

Each of these seven items need to be part of your strategy in developing strong full desk recruiting teams.

  • 1

    The Right People

    Recruiting and hiring your own team has to take priority.  Just as you would tell your clients, you can’t wait for an opening to occur to have candidates in the pipeline.  You should always be in recruitment mode whether you have an opening or not.

    Recruiting the best people doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s more science than art.  Recruitment training for managers can teach the science and help perfect the art.

  • 2

    The Right Tools

    Even the best employees will be frustrated if they don’t have the right tools.  Connect your team with a database, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, or tracking tool to manage candidates.  Automate anything you can, including flags for aging of accounts and candidates if possible. 

    Providing omnichannel communication tools are critical in today’s connected world.  Candidates will use phone, email, text, chat, video, and social media.  You need to be able to communicate with them in the way they want.  This means providing strong high-speed internet to facilitate communications.

  • 3

    The Right Training

    With unemployment at record lows and high-calibre candidates in short supply, the right tools also include recruitment training for managers.

    Tools and training are critical.  One of the most cited reasons by employees leaving jobs is frustration over the lack of proper tools and training in the workplace.

  • 4

    The Right Priorities

    There is no shortage of work.  Every day can easily be filled with administrative tasks and working through to-do lists.  It’s easy for priorities to get pushed aside to attend to other jobs.

    It’s important that your team has a firm grasp on what you see as priorities and is constantly focused on what it takes to get the job done.

  • 5

    The Right Goals

    In addition to priorities, teams and individuals need goals.  Team goals should be public and present.  That means communicating with the entire team and providing regular reinforcement of team goals, including progress reports on meeting goals.

    Individual goals should be private.  Every team member is at a slightly different place with experience and ability.  Your most experienced people will have higher individual goals and expectations than your newbies.

    Goals should always be realistic.  Nothing is more demoralising for an individual or a team than seeing goals they don’t think they can reach.  At the same time, there should be stretch goals to push people to perform.  Many companies take the approach that goals are what’s expected.  Attaining stretch goals results in incentives.

    No matter how you structure it, reaching goals deserves recognition and celebration. 

    It’s also important to recognise that goals will change over time.  As goals are reached, new goals are established.

  • 6

    The Right Attitude

    Your greatest asset is the people on your team.  No matter how good your team is, there will be frustrations.  Difficult clients or stakeholders, difficult candidates, the pressure to perform, and a tough job market can take a toll on even the best people.  Having empathy for the job they have to do and treating them well will help you get them through the tough spots. 

    Even the best recruiters don't have a perfect track record.  When you get it wrong, the best thing you can do is recognise it quickly.  Take action to remedy the situation.  Create a performance improvement plan with measurable benchmarks, provide additional training, or cut your losses.  While this may seem like a hard stance, your responsibility is to your team.  Poor performance hurts everyone.  Conversely, when you have star performers, do everything you can (within reason) to reward them and keep them happy.

  • 7

    The Right Accountability

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure.  Beyond the goals you set, you need to develop a set of metrics in place to track performance for your team.  By monitoring outreach efforts and touches over time, you might learn – for example - that it takes a certain call volume and subsequent touches to reach your goal.  Monitoring not just goal attainment, but also measuring the call volume and follow-up contacts are important measurements to provide in-funnel training.

    Accountability isn't just about catching people when they are doing something wrong and disciplining them.  It's just as much about catching them when they are doing something right and recognising the effort.  If they are falling short of meeting your expectations, it's evaluating the reason why they aren't meeting goals and figuring out what needs to change.

The Real Secret To Managing A Full Desk Recruitment Team

All seven of these items may not seem like great revelations.  In fact, they’re not.  The real secret to success is actually doing them consistently.  Where most managers fail isn't in strategy, but in consistent attention to strategy.  It takes commitment and strong systems to optimise the management of full desk recruitment teams.  It takes recruitment training and attention to detail.

Getting it right can lead to a happier and more efficient workforce.  This also cuts down on turnover and hurts team performance. 

It takes the right people and tools.  It takes the right recruitment training for managers.  It takes pro-active goal setting and measurement. It means setting the right priorities and managing with the right attitude.  It means systems for accountability. 

When everything is dialled in, it’s time to dive deeper into systems, increase operational goals, and grow efficiency.  It is a never-ending cycle that provides for continuous improvement. 

Recruitment training for managers and teams can help create a framework for each of these steps and build strong teams that will sustain high performance levels over time.




Emma Livesey


Cam recently engaged with our Retail Sales team to refresh our teams’ sales skills. I have been blown away by the immediate success of this training. On the first day following training, we had six success stories from team members where they demonstrated a new skill and had a successful conversation with our clients. Cam is an engaging facilitator, his use of storytelling about past experiences were relatable and helped us understand the concepts being taught. He was confident, and most importantly approachable. We had four teams attend the training, and Cam was agile and adaptable with his approach. This was essential to us, as there were many different levels of ability within the team. Feedback from our team has been incredibly positive, and beyond my expectations. We cannot wait to have an opportunity to work with Cameron again, and I suspect there may be a long list of attendees for any future projects.

Giles Hurst

CEO at The Tax Institute

The impact Elevate Corporate Training made is already being felt as people begin their individual journeys in the giving and receiving of feedback to one another.

Cam was an outstanding facilitator who, with the appropriate blend of humility and personal courage, has set us all on a course towards self awareness.

Thanks Cam - looking forward to working with you going forward.


Danny Palumbo

Co-founder of Gelato Messina

We recently engaged Elevate Corporate Training to do some internal training for some of our senior managers. From the outset, our goal was to find someone who could deliver a style of training that was not corporate and was tailored to our business. Elevate Corporate Training’s approach and style was perfect, and he understood what we were trying to achieve. Guiding us in the development of the training program, Elevate Corporate Training helped us realise more could be achieved than what we first thought possible. And the delivery was perfect. It was relatable and engaging, so much different to other training consultants that can put you to sleep. Our managers left the training enthused about applying the lessons learnt and we went away thinking we made the right choice by engaging Elevate Corporate Training.

Felicity Barlow

Felicity Barlow

Director at Talent Connect Australia PTY LTD

I engaged (Elevate Corporate Training) to run sales training for my team. The results exceeded my expectation and my team left being highly motivated with key skills to achieve their individual goals and targets .

Cam has been instrumental in developing consultants sales ability to contribute to overall growth. I would highly recommend Elevate Corporate Training.

Andrew Hanson

Andrew Hanson

Managing Director - NSW of Robert Walters

I engaged Elevate to construct and run a two day training course for my management team across NSW. Cam and Julia worked well together to deliver a significant amount of material over the two days in an engaging manner. I received exceptionally positive feedback from the delegates who found Cam very engaging and passionate on the subject matter. Most importantly, having surveyed the managers who attended the course, many have managed to positive influence their teams by applying the methodologies trained over the two days'


Sarah Laird

Founder/Owner at Sarah Laird & Good Company

Cam has been my coach for a little over 6 months now. He has helped me make decisions more clearly, kept me on track of my end goals and been a great resource for me to help see the forest for the trees. I always look forward to my sessions with Cam, aside from being a professional and intelligent business person he also has a great energy and is fun to be around.


Roman Rogers

Regional General Manager of Hudson New Zealand

Cam is fantastic to work with. He takes time to really under the customer need and provides well thought out tailored solutions. He is a fantastic facilitator, cares about the participant experience and proactively looks for opportunities to fine tune the L&D offering.


Wouter Koch

Head of Asia/Pacific at Usabilla

I started working with Cameron from Elevate Corporate Training a year ago. I couldn’t have been more happy with that. Working with Cameron has helped me make important strategic decisions, gave me new insights and ultimately drove more success with my team. I can recommend Elevate to every organisation that wants to get the best out of their teams.


Amy Hefford

Head of External Affairs Australia, Abbvie

Coaching is a proven subject with well evidenced research and tools to help advance self-awareness, develop positive frameworks and decipher your destiny so you can go after it and fulfil your potential. This was my mission as I decided to invest a little time in me and arranged to meet with The Element Coach. What an enriching experience! After just three sessions I am wiser, more determined and more focused on my own vision of success BUT more than that(!) I am able to draw on my own inspiration, internal strength and positive energy to keep me on track. Coaching is definitely a science but with Vicky it is a whole lot of magic as well!


Tara Watt

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Health Direct

Before I started my one on one sessions with Vicky I felt lost in myself and lacked confidence to achieve what I really wanted, which was to secure a new job to progress in my career. Through Vicky’s coaching I found not only confidence in myself but finally began to believe I was good enough. Vicky gave me a way to deal with the self doubt which was previously overtaking my life. Leaving each session with Vicky I felt on top of the world which i honesty believe gave me the confidence to apply and secure the job I wanted. I can’t thank Vicky enough for her support, encouragement and words of inspiration.


Ben Smith

National Promotions Manager at Diageo

I highly recommend Julia as a personal and professional coach! Very diligent and hands on when needed to help you plan and achieve goals! At all times throughout our coach/student journey I felt heard and motivated to learn and become better. Julia made it a safe environment for success and to learn from failure.


Gareth Bufton

State Manager, Diageo

Julia’s coaching has been hugely influential in the last 12 months of my career. Her ability to get to the real heart of not realising opportunities and acting on these with retrospective tough questions, is cathartic and enabling. Ongoing I still have great challenging conversations, and hope this continues. Thanks Julia.


Alastair Simpson

Head of Design, Atlassian

Julia is an exceptional sales and management coach. She has vast experience coaching staff at all levels and her work turns into real results driving up conversions. All of her courses are tailored to fit the needs of the attendees and the goals of the business and are always delivered to an impeccable standard.

Our Recruitment Training for Managers Fundamentals

The Best Managers Fundamentals


Our trainers at Elevate are also its owners which means they are fully committed to getting results, otherwise the business falls over. And besides, we get a thrill watching you thrive. But this set up also breeds the personal service we are renowned for.


Our workshops are not heavy, theory-based slogs. They are learnings born from our real-life experience in the recruitment industry. They are authentic, they are practical and they work.


We do not desert our clients as soon as the workshop is over. We pride ourselves on our continued support and always see a better ROI when we return to businesses for follow up coaching after the initial training wraps up.


We understand every recruitment agency is different, with it’s own set of hurdles. That is why we will tailor our training for your managers specifically targeting your specific areas of need. There are no standard, ‘off the shelf’ workshops here.


We have a proven track record of working with all levels of a business, from the CEO all the way down, to ensure buy in from everyone. It is this wholistic approach that achieves the best results of any training program.


So much of the success you will see will come from our ability to instil a cultural shift in your agency. We encourage and teach how to develop a culture of feedback and open communication which will transform your business.

Want to know more about how Elevate can help your team improve performance, create better outcomes and find more fulfilment in their roles

ELEVATE’S Recruitment Training for Managers SERVICES

Who uses Recruitment Training for Managers?

Recruitment companies of all sizes engage recruitment manager training services to optimise sales floors engagement, efficiency and overall profitability.

Training Recruitment Managers is the safest and smartest investment a recruitment business can make.

When is Recruitment Training for Managers required?

The recruitment managers, after all, are practice leaders, motivational speakers, super coaches, corporate diplomats, training managers and top billers.

It seems an impossible task, and without the right strategy and training, it is often proven to be.

But with tailored recruitment manager training, strategy and support, all these hats start to enhance one another. In fact, they become one.

When all the hats become a burden, individual billings slip and so does the ability to manage the team profitably. Training aligns the recruitment manager’s many tasks to be singularly focussed and outcome driven.

What does the Recruitment Training for Managers look like?

  • Recruitment Managers are a rare breed.

    It’s important to look at the traits that motivate an intelligent and talented professional into establishing a recruitment management career. It’s these very traits that make them so strong. It’s why you hired them!! Elevate recruitment management training reignites these instincts by simplifying and prioritising them. We get back to the mindset that is optimistic, opportunistic, exciting and hugely profitable.

    Practice what you preach - lead by example!!

  • Account Management and Revenue Optimisation

    This course focuses on how we can move from transactional relationships with our clients to becoming a partnership that delivers exceptional value.
    How can we be seen as thought leaders in our craft and “fixers” who our clients rely on to do business. Attendees should expect to leave with detailed account plans for at least two of their top accounts and the skills to repeat for others. They will improve their communication and persuasion capabilities and learn to deliver more revenue and deeper relationships with existing accounts.

    The guiding principle for successful consulting is acknowledging and believing that a desk is a business. The consultant is the MD with the ability to scale, diversify, grow without limitations. Win/Lose or Draw, their outcome is a result of the performance of their business. A business they control every factor in.

  • Creating Account Plans For individuals And The Practice

    An account plan defines a career plan. A recruitment manager’s area of specialisation is his industry (e.g. financial services - not recruitment). Successful managers and consultants alike need a plan and scope for growth and scaling - just like any successful business.  The first line of any business plan is 'define your audience / target market'. Account plans are the basis of a business plan. They define the audience of specialisation, identify growth opportunities and synergies between similar markets where product (candidates) are in demand.

  • Understanding Your Client And Your Client’s Business

    This is al about moving the team’s capability far beyond transactional recruitment. That transactional relationship is of no value to your employer, the client that engages you and most of all, you are denying yourself any career longevity or long term success.

    We look at how to understand your client and clients business: learn their industry, YOUR INDUSTRY. Know the industry first, then the players, then break down the divisions, the heads of practice, the key players.

    Every team member should be able to explain in detail how THEIR industry breaks down. Team meetings week to week cover what has happened in their industry. Adjacent industries will be presented back by other practice members. The confidence comes from the specialised knowledge. Only at this point will the client open up and have the discussions that valued partners have. Now, you present value.

  • Demonstrating Thought Leadership To Clients And Team

    To be seen as a subject matter expert, you must be one!! We focus on a workflow that communicates the innovation which makes your recruitment managers so valuable to clients and team alike

  • Team Pipeline Management

    Understanding the equation that considers quality of work, quantity of pipeline, and revenue projections. We address natural fallout, scalable recruitment, reverse recruitment and other techniques to increase conversions and protect a pipeline of work that is predictable and scalable.

  • Presenting Benefits, Matching Needs

    This is not a sales technique in recruitment. This is a guiding principle of business. Initial interviews are so important on both sides. Knowing the candidates needs is as important as matching the clients. Your ability to close a candidate is about you're ability to coach them back through their own 'wants/needs'. You will need to do this to ensure a stressful time for your candidate becomes an easy/exciting time. 

    This is also about selling yourself to the client. The benefits of working with you. This component talks about how clients will see value in your services over others. Typically around speed to market, reach of high-end candidates / and their respect and ease to work with.

  • Team Action Plans

    How do Managers set a framework that ensures the team are collectively befitting from the Managers expertise? It comes as instinct to many managers but is often lost when managers don’t know how to guide team members through it- simply because they’ve never had to communicate it. Action plans articulate and document the framework, the plan and the checkpoints throughout a week, month, quarter and year. The action plan is the ‘how’ to the business revenue forecast.

  • Team Engagement

    Staff retention and recognition are key to building real value and equity throughout your practice. This all comes back to ‘understanding needs’ – the business and recruitment fundamental. Engagement vs Management.

What can your recruitment company expect to receive from our Recruitment Training for Managers?

We believe that recruitment is one of the most rewarding and lucrative industries to be part of when everything is working. When it is not, it is a brutal existence. Our objective is to get the manager believing in the industry they work in, the company they work for, the vertical market they own and the personal achievements they are set to accomplish.

Recruitment companies will invest in a management team who:

  • are Career Recruitment Managers and love what they do.
  • march to the beat of their own drum.
  • develop, commit and believe in their own brand
  • have personal expectations and team expectations that far exceed those set by the business
  • believe in their team and invest in them as family
  • have exceptional time management and business acumen
  • don't get stressed, they get excited. The busier they are, the more successful they are.
  • are respected, trusted and valued by clients, candidates, team and bosses alike.

Our Elevated Sales Development Recruitment Training for Managers will help set the base for all the above.

When management has the respect of their teams, when the lines of communication are open and respect runs both ways profits rise, staff retention soars and the workplace blossoms.

Our recruitment training is run in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra but we can travel to any part of Australia to run our workshops so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Customised Workshops to Suit Your Unique Business Needs

Coaching for Performance

Objective: For Managers and Team Leaders to learn how to effectively coach and develop team members. This drives performance and helps motivate and retain employees.

Coaching is about empowering our staff to create a culture of performance.


Manager and Leader as Coach

How coaching can drive improved performance and results

What is coaching?

The coaching mindset

Uncovering potential

The GROW coaching structure

Mentoring and coaching

Technology and coaching

Feedback, reviews and coaching

Practical coaching exercises and simulations

High Performing Teams

Objective: For recruitment teams to identify what high performance is to them and agree set of goals and a strategy to get there. Focus on improving performance and measuring success.


Defining High Performance – what do you want to achieve?

What is high performance to this team?

Why teams matter, why we work in teams

The role of culture and its impact on high performance

The team brand – how we are perceived

What this means to us as individuals

The typical stages of a team

Where are we now? How can we move to the next stage?

Measuring progression from stage to stage

Incorporating the strategy

The importance of role clarity

Candid and constructive communication

Action planning and next steps

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Objective: Developing a culture of feedback is the ultimate gift to any team. A team who openly and regularly seeks out feedback from one another and from external...

sources enjoys greater performance, respect and deeper, more meaningful relationships that last. We explore the best way to give and receive feedback as well as set goals to help encourage the process.


Why feedback is important

The role of self awareness

Perspective and ego

Receiving feedback

Giving feedback

Giving negative feedback

Practical Exercises

Time and Self Management

Objective: Improving effectiveness and reducing stress associated with running a desk and managing other consultants. This course can be run for new managers but is developed...

from another course designed for anyone looking to become more effective.


Defining our work

Creating a default diary

Developing a time management system

The role of delegation

Getting in the zone

Resiliency Training

Objective: In this workshop we explore techniques to build resilience. We understand the “why” of what we do and how it helps us to stay the course when times are tough.

We explore the mindset required to develop hardiness and achieve our collective goals. This course is suitable for anyone who faces challenges in their roles.


What is resilience

Begin with the end in mind

Accepting the past

Developing a sense of purpose

Keeping perspective

Your support network

Resilience case studies

Management Essentials

Objective: To provide the basic essentials required to manage and lead others. This course is specifically targeted at new and upcoming leaders. We focus on how we communicate, motivate and work as a team


Developing a Team Vision

Difficult Conversations

Assertive Communication Techniques

Motivational Drivers

Building a Robust Culture

Objective: In this workshop we explore what makes a good company culture, how to assess your existing company culture and explore ways to implement a robust, collaborative and inspiring company culture.

This course is suitable for anyone managing teams and small to medium sized business owners.


Assessing company culture

Defining ideal company culture

Contributing factors

Culture strategies

Implementing a positive culture

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