Recruitment Training for Managers

Effective management will empower your teams and boost revenue


Our ‘Recruitment Leadership Training Program’ is suitable for rising stars in your leadership pipeline through to billing managers with up to 5 years’ experience. This highly engaging and interactive program will help your leaders understand how to get the best out of their team, keep people motivated and achieving, and help them prioritise their time to ensure their own numbers stay consistent. 

What’s involved? 

  • Attendees will explore leadership concepts that move them away from behaviours that diminish influence and into confident leadership that empowers their team to grow and be their best  
  • They will contribute ideas, ask questions and problem solve with the group, learning from each other’s experience whilst being positively challenged by new ideas  
  • The sessions are designed to maximise interaction with the material to improve participants’ recall, retention and implementation 
  • Training is held over a 2 day workshop in-house or eight 90 minute sessions 

Topics covered:

Day 1: Leading Self 

  • Developing self-awareness: Understanding strengths and blind spots to become intentional about how we lead and show up 
  • Defining your leadership brand: Recognising and designing what we want to be known for as a leader, and how to put it into practice 
  • Managing time and energy: Knowing what fuels and drains us to effectively manage our time 

Day 2: Leading Others

  • Effective delegation: Delegation to get time back, to help others grow and to increase their engagement through taking on new challenges
  • Giving and receiving feedback: Utilising feedback as an effective tool for creating change, and learning how to ask for it to fuel our own growth
  • Coaching for performance: A process to empower individuals to grow through asking purposeful questions that allow them to find meaningful answers, in turn freeing up our time
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Our Recruitment Training for Managers Fundamentals

The Best Managers Fundamentals


Our trainers at Elevate are also its owners which means they are fully committed to getting results, otherwise the business falls over. And besides, we get a thrill watching you thrive. But this set up also breeds the personal service we are renowned for.


Our workshops are not heavy, theory-based slogs. They are learnings born from our real-life experience in the recruitment industry. They are authentic, they are practical and they work.


We do not desert our clients as soon as the workshop is over. We pride ourselves on our continued support and always see a better ROI when we return to businesses for follow up coaching after the initial training wraps up.


We understand every recruitment agency is different, with it’s own set of hurdles. That is why we will tailor our training for your managers specifically targeting your specific areas of need. There are no standard, ‘off the shelf’ workshops here.


We have a proven track record of working with all levels of a business, from the CEO all the way down, to ensure buy in from everyone. It is this wholistic approach that achieves the best results of any training program.


So much of the success you will see will come from our ability to instil a cultural shift in your agency. We encourage and teach how to develop a culture of feedback and open communication which will transform your business.

Managing a full desk recruitment team starts with getting the right people on your team.  If you get that right, the rest will follow.  If you don’t, it may be impossible to deliver on your objectives. 



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