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How To Help Disabled People Become Leaders Of The Workplace

Home » Leadership » How To Help Disabled People Become Leaders Of The Workplace

A steady career is an important part of one’s life. More than stability, most people would like to thrive in their field. Employment in itself is already a challenge for those with disabilities. Nowadays, people have become more gracious to those with impairments. Disabled individuals now have equal opportunities to live their lives with more ease. 

With the increasing number of employment for people with disabilities, the next thing they worry about is the security and success in their acquired job. Like anyone else, they would like to grow in the workplace and perform to the best of their ability. Considering their impairments could make their goals hard to accomplish, organisations and programs have accounted for this problem area with their employment support. 

What Kind of Help Do They Need

Disabled individuals need assistance to perform in areas of their life affected by their impairment. These can include therapy, specialized equipment, and modifications to a house or vehicle. Those are merely to help with daily activities. The workplace is going to be a different challenge for them. Here are some of the things they would need to rise above and become leaders in their jobs.

  • Coaching 
  • Specialized equipment
  • Technology modifications
  • Transition supports
  • Transportation support

NDIS Employment Support

The NDIS works towards helping their participants reach the goals stated in their plans. Fortunately, their scope covers funding and assistance for employment support. A disabled individual can subscribe to a scheme and include growth and leadership in the workplace in their goals to receive the designated benefits in that category.

What Are The Inclusions Of The Support?

Under their employment support category, the NDIS covers all the aspects needed in one’s career. From job-seeking to thriving in the workplace, there is a specified fund for the participant’s requirements. 

Counseling and Assessments

For a person to move forward in their career, they must first know where they currently stand. Employment-related assessments and counseling services help an individual understand their place and progress. Participants will be receiving advice on how they can improve and exhibit leadership skills in the workplace. They will also be getting professional help in areas that need improvement.

Individual and Group Support

A disabled individual might have personal challenges that affect their rapport with workmates. Individual and group support help those with impairments deal with any issues that could be hindering them from performing their job well and concerning their fellow employees. The NDIS covers the job support needed by a person with disabilities.

Modifications and Assistive Technology

Those with disabilities struggle with functioning compared to the fully-abled. Depending on their impairment, they will need workspace modifications and assistive technology. To help their participants perform well and gradually improve in the workplace, the NDIS funds these needs as long as they are in the plan.

An NDIS participant can maximize the mentioned benefits offered to become a great leader in the workplace. If you are already under an NDIS plan, you can choose to revise it with your plan manager to see if you need to make any changes.


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